It’s Been a While…..

Hello! So I joined Word Press way back in 2010, and I have only posted on here one time since then….I’m not really sure what you do with a blog, so I suppose I’ll start by talking about me. I am a student and a writer. I have two book for sale on Barnes and Noble’s website. I am trying to get my major project that I’m working on (a trilogy) published in a hard cover format, but that is difficult and expensive. I would like to be able to use this blog as a way to meet people who could help me with getting my book published, and I would also like to share some of my writings here with other people.  I would like to try to write a new little story excerpt daily. My dad says I need to try to diversify my writing, as right now it tends to be fantasy, and he also says I need to try to write stories that are “happier”. I guess I can give it a whirl. I’ll take suggestions for that one, lol. So anyway….


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