Day Two

So I have been working on my book today, and I must say that it is getting really intense. I am finally feeling like I am finding a direction for the last part of it, which is both a good feeling and a bad feeling. It means I am finally piecing together how this series will end, but it also means the ending of my working on it.

This book has been my life for the past 5 years. What will I do once I have finished it? The thought is unnerving and exhilarating at once.

My characters are finally starting to develop into who they have to be, and it saddens me because I want them to stay my “babies” forever. I worry about what my life will be like when they have done what they have needed to acoomplish all these years.

I’m sure I will have other projects and other things to work on, but nothing makes my heart race the way Jet and Nyx do. Nothing is so wonderful and painful and frustrating as their relationship and their adventure story. I truly love them, and I will be sad to see them go. Hopefully others will find their story as amazing as I have.

Hopefully I will have done them justice with the words on the pages that they are forever written into.


One thought on “Day Two

  1. I’ve always been intrigued by the way characters live in your head. I wish I could relate to what you’re feeling as you finish with Jet & Nyx. I remember reading that J.K. Rowling had the same mixture of feelings as she got closer to the end of the Harry Potter books. Hopefully, other writers will share their thoughts. And I also hope new characters & stories will come to life for you.


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