Day Three – Reflections

I’m a little bit behind today. I’ve been so busy, working on my feature story and trying to find a good way to get my book published. Oh well…

So my thought for today is character development. For instance, in my story “The Heart of the Guardian”, as I transcribe it from my notebook to my computer, I am redeveloping my characters.

My two main characters are Abigail and Joseph. Abigail is a warrior with a penchant for being ice-cold, while Joseph is a banished prince, forced to live in a world that will not accept his true nature.

Abigail is defined by an ice-blue gaze and pale hair and skin. She is warm with her brother, her only family left, but she is cold and calculating with any one else she doesn’t know or trust. She is tough and tries to ignore the curse put upon her that is slowly killing her.

Joseph is somewhat the opposite. He is a wolf-child, borne out of a magic land that produces creatures that are part human and part beast. He is dominated by human feelings and wolf-like senses. He started out as being a character of little importance, but as I have been reforming my story as I type it, he has become the prince of a fallen king, and holds a key role. He is the one who can guide Abigail into the Land of the Phoenix, and the one who can help her penetrate the walls of Castle Quasar where Bozal, the evil ruler, lives. Unfortunately, he is also the one that Bozal would love to enslave more than any other being in Phoenix, as his father was a legendary war-lord who taught Joseph everything he knew before Joseph was forced to flee across the border to Gandora.

As some people know, I am a terrible romantic, and I love to make characters fall in love with each other. I would dreadfully love to do that with Abigail and Joseph, but I feel like they are too different to really be lasting lovers. Joseph is driven by a sense of duty, compelled to return home because of the Call to be with his Pack, while Abigail is driven by destiny and desperation. Joseph must rise to a position he wishes he could escape, while Abigail must fulfill a promise made by her ancestors and break a killing curse.

Is it possible that duty can be stronger than love? I believe so. I also believe that being used is what ultimately will break the bonds that they could share. Joseph will feel used by Abigail; Abigail will feel betrayed by Joseph’s desire to reunite with his blood-brothers.

Now then, if only I can incorporate this into my story….


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