Day Four – Got A Story For Ya, Ags!

This is just a little piece that I was thinking about. It really has no plot and doesn’t really give away any of the story, but…It should be a little bit entertaining. Happy reading!

The snow was light and silent as it fell to the forest floor. It was already thick enough that Joseph sank up to his knees, and he paused after several moments of forcing his way through. His breaths came in short gasps, and sweat was beading on his brow.

How long had he been searching? How far had he gone?

He was losing track of time, and the light that peeked through the clouds and managed to penetrate the trees was no help. He drew a ragged breath.

Was it even worth it to press on? Who was he really helping? Did it do any good to search for Abigail and Snow Belle, when he knew they were possibly miles away already?

He sank into the snow at the base of a large oak tree. A constricting feeling was creeping into his chest; one he knew all too well. It reminded him of the days he had spent on the run, shivering in the dark cold, trying to remind himself of why it was necessary to survive.

His life still had a purpose.

He pressed his hands to his cheeks to try to bring feeling back into them. They were soaked through, just like the rest of him, and he knew he would have to find shelter soon. The daylight couldn’t last much longer, and the Gandorian winter was bitter and deadly.

His thoughts shifted back to the wolf he had seen; or rather, the man lost inside the wolf. If he wasn’t careful, the beast could take control, and that was the last thing he needed. There was no rescue from that. Once instinct took over thought, his human mind would become a slave to his wolf blood.

As he forced himself to his feet, he tried to steel himself. It was a fight for survival now. Everything inside him was trying to force him to shift into the form he knew best, but he held it at bay.

The wolf had too much control, and if he let go now, he would never get it back.


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