Day Five – My Birthday!!

Today is my birthday! And in honor of myself (lol), I will write a birthday story!

Once upon a time, there was a woman, who was very pregnant with a baby. She was very excited; it was to be her second child, and her first daughter. She hadn’t thought of a name yet for the baby, so she and her husband affectionately called her “Pudge”.

Everything was well, she was in good health, and she continued to go to work everday as usual, since the baby wasn’t due until September.

One morning, while the woman was at work, she suddenly began to experience sharp pains in her stomach. She thought it was unusual, but it didn’t trouble her much. Just to err on the side of caution, she called the doctor.

“It feels like the baby is scratching me with her finger nails,” she told the nurse on the phone.

The nurse’s stern voice was unwelcome and startling. “You need to get to the hospital NOW.”

Disturbed, but not upset, the woman went home to talk to her husband, who was home from work. The year was 1990, and unfortunately having cell phones was not a common practice. Once she arrived at home, she found her husband in the backyard, fixing their boat. She related her story to him, and he stopped working to go inside and shower, as he was coverd in grease, so that they could go to the hospital. There was no sense of urgency, only confusion.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality of the situation wasn’t realized until the man and woman arrived at the hospital, and the woman began going into labor. By the time she arrived, it was too late to stop the baby from coming.

Their daughter was born, weighing in at around 3 pounds. She was terribly ill, as she was nearly 10 weeks early, and her lungs were not fully developed. She had trouble breathing, and she was still too small to know how to suckle and was unable to drink from a bottle. The doctors whisked her away from her mother and father, to Intensive Care.

Her mother sat in the rocking chair in the birthing room, where new mothers held their newborns, and cried. Her child’s future was still uncertain.

She would make it, the doctors said finally, but her family could not touch her, for fear of illness. She was a baby in a glass box, struggling to survive. The doctors told her family that she may have to stay in the hospital for the next three months to ensure her health.

The family came to see her every day, talking and singing to her through the glass, and using the special gloves to touch her and hold her tiny hands. With her family by her side, the baby began to thrive, despite the odds against her.

Three weeks later, she came home with her mother, father, brother and sister, where she was greeted by her grandparents, whose misunderstanding of “Pudge” over the telephone lead the baby to be named “Paige”.


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