Day Six – It’s Been a While, Eh?

Well hello there!

So sorry. It’s been, like, two years! How do they fly by so fast?? Where does the time go???

Anyway, since it’s been so long, I took the opportunity to read back through my previous posts. It’s interesting what can change in two years.

I have finished The Heart of the Guardian, and I must say that my musings about it were interesting to read. Especially in light of the fact that I was able to finish the book and bring it to a closure that I preferred better than the one I was considering.

The process of publishing the book has been quite a…well, process. It was exciting to have it printed and to go through the process of selecting cover art and seeing things come together. Unfortunately, some complications arose with the actual delivery of my author’s copies, but that’s neither here nor there, I guess. I’m just pouting because I don’t have my stuff, which I’ve been waiting for forever.

Oh well.

On the bright side, my sometimes messed-up brain is still capable of coming up with new story ideas to entertain myself. I am going to sincerely try to post some new stuff, and I promise it won’t be another two years!

Maybe. 😀

And sorry about the Moose posts. Unfortunately, he had to be put down due to a complication that would have needed extensive surgery. It was terribly upsetting and disappointing. So I think, from now on, I’ll just stick to what I do best, which is write!


One thought on “Day Six – It’s Been a While, Eh?

  1. Hi Paige love you and hope the book situation is resolved very soon. Keep on writing no matter what and there will be great success. You are so good at it…


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