Meet the Bubby!

So, I know I was supposed to write about The Gift of Fear this week, but it’s a short week due to the holiday and my hubs was sick, so that limited the amount of work I was able to do. So as a substitute, I’m going to tell you about how I got my Bubby!

I call him Bubby, but his name is actually Cayde, like the Hunter Vanguard from Destiny. You know, the one voiced by Nathan Fillian. Anyway, we got the Bubby when he was a little bitty guy, as you can see in the picture. My wonderful and soft-hearted husband found him, thinking he was dead. Hubs was going to pick him up and bury him so I wouldn’t find a dead baby kitty, but it turned out he was alive! So hubs put him in the back of his truck and brought him home.

We weren’t supposed to keep him, but one costly trip to the emergency vet later, I knew this baby was mine. He spent two weeks in quarantine because he was sick and because we had two adult cats who didn’t know him yet. He was only three weeks old when we found him, and he’s always been a little guy.

Here he is when he was feeling better:

IsN’tHeSoCuTe!!! *cue cuteness aggression* 🙂

So eventually, after he got over his illness, we were able to introduce him to his new brothers. He took to Dustin immediately:

And it took some time, but Toby eventually came around (like 4 months later):

And that’s the story of how we found the Bubby! Toby and Dustin both have interesting stories too, but I’ll save those for another day.

Here’s some cuddle time:

Here’s a pic of Toby with his tie on because why not!

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! Stay safe out there.

Read, write and go outside! The weather is great! 🙂


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