Gotta catch ’em all!

Hi everyone!

So I’m a few chapters into The Gift of Fear (finally) and its given me quite a bit to think about. Firstly, it’s aimed mostly at women, but it should be read by men, too. In the chapter I just finished GdeB outlines the techniques that con artists use to lure in their victims.

A lot of the reason that people get sucked in, especially women, is that there is the social construct to not be rude. Being rude, according to GdeB, could save your life. This is something that really resonates with me. My hubs and I had an experience where we knew something was up, but out of not being rude, we went along with it. Only later did we realize the tremendous danger we’d put ourselves in and how epically stupid we’d been.

So my consensus is this: get the book, read it, and trust your instincts. We get gut feelings for reasons!

But now, on to something more fun. 😁

Two days ago, I started playing Pokemon Go. Talk about a blast from the past! I’ve never done so much walking in the search for Pokemon. When I’m playing I’m like this:

Like I’m ten years old again, too.

But to tie everything together, be aware of where you’re catching Pokemon! Look at who’s around you, see what they’re doing, and search for that Taurus in pairs. Also, stay out of other people’s yards. Apparently they think that’s trespassing.

Until next time!

Read, write, and catch ’em all!


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