E. Paige is an indie author and aspiring Sith Lord. She is the winner in the YA category in Author U’s Draft to Dream competition for 2016. Her winning book, Return to Royalty: A Gexalatian Tale, will be available in early 2017. Her current title The Heart of the Guardian is available in paperback and ebook format.

As well as her love of writing, E. Paige also enjoys her pets. She lives in Texas with her husband, a horse, four dogs, three cats, two rabbits, and a noisy bird. She hopes one day to finally be able to call her youngest cat by his actual name and not “The Bubby”.

Check out her website HERE!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m glad we have your latest book for Freeman Library. It was sent in today for cataloging. Could you contact me? My boss still wants to send you a Gift receipt. Sigh….. paperwork.


  2. Hi Paige I will try here also was not sure where to reach you so I sent a message in your e-mail area also. Your web site is really great. I have enjoyed going thru it. Love you and James. Let me know which place I should go to lol


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